Tips for Packing your Backpack When Going to Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful destination if you are planning for a vacation. Mexico has many weather variations from the hot and warm coastal areas to dry and cold mountains. Here is a list of items you should carry if you are going to Mexico.

Casual Jacket

During the night it gets quite chilly in places of with high altitudes like Chiapas. So a jacket may come in quite handy during the night. You can take a puff jacket or go for a denim jacket according to your fashion.

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There is a rainy season that starts in June and ends in September. If you are going for a trip during these months, make sure you get a raincoat in your suitcase.

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There are some beautiful beaches in Mexico in Cancun or Punta Cana. If you are willing to spend a lot of time on the beach takes a couple of trunks and undergarments.

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Day pack

A day pack might be necessary if you are going for sightseeing trips or hiking in Mexico. It is perfect for carrying all your essential items like camera, raincoat, snacks, and water.

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Waterproof bag

If you are looking to spend a lot of time on the beach, having a waterproof bag is essential. It will protect your valuables from the water, sand, and sun. You can pack your camera, towel, a pair of undergarments and sunscreen lotions in your pack.

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It is recommended that you carry at least two pairs of shoes. Wear high heel boots if you are going hiking activity and wear slippers if you are going to the beach.

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 Sunscreen lotions

There is a possibility of getting a sunburn in Mexico, especially if you are not from hot and warm weather conditions. Apply sunscreen if you are going to the beach or going on a hiking activity.

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Mosquito repellent

Well, it may come in handy if you are going for jungle trips or sitting on the beach at night.

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Extra change wallet/purse

Street markets in Mexico could be overcrowded, and while going for shopping, a small wallet/ purse will come in handy. Also stealing is very common here, and the first targets are the tourists. To avoid these have a small amount of cash in this little wallet/purse.

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Swimsuit cover-up

While it is ok to wear bikinis when you are going to the beach, you would not want to gather too much attraction when on the street side shops or the markets. For this, you could use a loose skirt or a top.

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Hat/ Cap and Goggles

You can wear your hat, whether you are going to the beach or going on a trip or hiking. Also, wear your goggles to avoid the hot sun.

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This is very important as you are going for at least a week. Also, the water in Mexico in some areas is not that good quality. Make sure you carry medicines for fever, stomach problems, indigestion, and dysentery.

Other things include toiletries and essential documents like visa, passport and id proofs.

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