Tips for Honeymoon Plans- Checklist for an Everlasting Experience

The experience of the honeymoon lasts throughout in our memories. It is an opportunity where life partners learn about one another and impress them with surprises. No couple would want to have a bad memory or experience during the honeymoon. So it is essential to plan it accordingly.

Here we will be discussing the five best honeymoon destinations worldwide. We would also be looking into the tips before planning your honeymoon.

Tips for Planning a Honeymoon

1. Make a detailed plan about the place where you want to visit. Other things include planning an itinerary and duration.

2. Plan your budget accordingly. If you are going to a remote place, be sure to check immigration rules, apply for a visa, and booking flight tickets well in advance.

3. Take help of numerous online sites for planning your trip. Make sure you compare the prices before selecting one.

4. Make sure you book hotels in advance; otherwise, it could be hectic. As you are going for your honeymoon, make sure you book rooms that provide comfort and ambiance; otherwise, you will miss the romance.

5. Plan a surprise for your partner like a candlelit dinner by the beach. Your spouse will like it.

6. Plan your itinerary well. Too much sightseeing trips may drain energy. You want to spend quality time with your spouse, so try out activities that give a blend of adventure and relaxation like fishing or coral seeing.

7. Your luggage plays an essential part if you are going to a remote place. Make sure you pack the necessary items, but your luggage should not be huge and bulky.

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Five Famous Honeymoon Destinations

1. Singapore

This country has almost everything on offer-beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, fascinating nightlife, and various festivals. For couples who want to enjoy the honeymoon together.

Places to visit- Mariana Bay, Chinatown, Universal Studios                                                                                                                                                                     

Best Time- November to March

Things to Buy- Orchid perfumes

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2. Maldives

Couples who want to enjoy their honeymoon on the sea beaches. This country is highly famous for its pristine white and golden sand beaches and coral reefs.

Places to Visit- Alimatha Beach, Banana Reef, Veligandu Island Beach

Best Time- May to November

Things to buy- Seashell necklaces

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3. Paris, France

It is one of the romantic cities on the planet. Things to try include enjoying French wine, visiting the historical monument, and seeing operas.

Places to Visit- Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, The Palaces of Versailles

Best Time- June to August

Things to Buy- Perfume, chocolates

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4. Bali

It is also famous for its natural soft sandy beaches and corals. If you want a peaceful and secluded honeymoon, this is the right choice.

Places to Visit- Campuhan Ridge Walk, Kuta Beach, Jimbaran Beach

Best Time- June to September

Things to buy- Wayang puppets, Batik fabric

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5. Goa, India

It is one of the best honeymoon destinations. Goa is famous for its churches, beaches, seafood, and bars.

Places to Visit- Baga Beach, Dudhsagar waterfalls, Tito’s street

Best Time-November to February

Things to Buy-Spices, Cashews

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