How to Choose the Best Designer for your Bridal Wear

For some brides, the person who designs their wedding dress is certainly not at the top of their priority list. For other brides-to-be, however, their wedding dress must come from an exemplary designer with an impressive collection and a brilliant brand. We’ve seen our fair share of brides from both camps here at Perfect Day Bride, and we’d be delighted to share with you our tips on how to choose the best wedding dress designer for your wedding.

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You are going to want to make sure you don’t start falling in love with wedding dress designers that are entirely out of your price range. If you are lusting after an Elie Saab wedding dress but only have an eBay budget, you are going to be bitterly disappointed. Have a price range in mind and see what designers fit within the bracket – you might be able to have enough money one designer’s bottom end of their collection and the top of another’s.


This is one that brides often think least about, but it is always worth thinking about what you want the story of your future dress. Do you want the best cutting skills of European master artisans? Or do you not mind your dress coming off a Chinese factory production line?

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The point of bridal wear designers is to offer a particular aesthetic to their potential clients – very few of them are targeting to make every single style of wedding dress to suit every unique bride. Do your homework about which designers’ style fits with your ideal dress. If you dream of dancing down the aisle in a 1920s-inspired slip of a gown, then there is not much point considering designers who only offer structured, corseted, and Princess dresses.

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Some bridal designers have been around the block while others are relative newbies to the wedding game. Experience and innocence equally have their pros and cons. It can be worth checking forums and asking your boutique stylist about things like a designer’s client service, their attention to detail, and ability to make modifications if you need any customizations. Find out whether they deliver on time. Check that their reputation is as perfect as your wedding dress should be.


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You only have to pick up a handful of wedding magazines to see who is trending nowadays. Ignore those big glossy ads – they are not the indicator you are looking for as all they prove is how big an advertising budget a brand has – and flip straight to the real wedding features. If you see a particular style and designer popping up time and time again, you will know that they are the flavor of the month at the moment. Similarly, if you plug in the name of your preferred designer into your favorite wedding blog, you will see how many weddings they have featured with brides wearing their gowns. For some brides, they do not want a famous designer and worry about any of their peers choosing the same/similar wedding dress, at the same time as for others there is a glory and prestige to wearing the ‘it’!

So there you have it all five simple tips to help you find your best wedding dress designer. Good luck on your mission!


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