7 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles under your Eyes

The appearance of dark circles under the eyes can make a person look older than they are. They are usually caused by sleep deprivation, allergies, stress, fluid retention, and lifestyle behaviors – smoking, drinking alcohol, and using amphetamines, to name a few.

The good news is that there is no need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on expensive creams and cosmetic procedures. You can remove your dark circles with natural remedies. Cucumbers and cold tea bags are among the most common.

If you have developed dark circles, there is no need to panic. You will not be stuck with them forever. Take a look at these remedies and get rid of them for good.

1. Coconut Oil

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The benefits of coconut oil are endless; it improves your health and natural look. If you have noticed the appearance of dark circles below your eyes merely massage extra virgin coconut oil below your eyes before going to bed. Rinse in the morning with lukewarm water. How will this work? The vitamin e and antioxidants found in coconut oil facilitate heal and repair damaged skin cells. It additionally has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps reduce swelling.

2. Cucumber

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Cucumbers work well by themselves, however, if you’re searching for a faster fix, strive soaking two cucumbers in lemon juice for three to five minutes in the refrigerator. Then place them on your eyes for regarding ten to fifteen minutes. Take the precaution of the lemon juice; avoid letting it in your eyes.

3. Cold Milk

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Milk contains lactic acid that has been shown to assist in the reduction of darkness and swelling around the eye. Just soak two cotton balls in cold milk and place them beneath your eyes for a couple of minutes.

4. Tomato

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Tomatoes are best-known to assist lighten the skin drastically. They use bleaching properties that may take away your dark circles in no time. Combine one teaspoon of tomato juice and one-half teaspoon of lemon juice. Merely apply this mixture beneath your eyes and let it sit for ten minutes. Rinse with water. Use this remedy two times per week for several weeks.

5. Cold Tea Bags

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Eliminate your dark circles and relieve tired eyes with one or two tea bags. Steep two tea bags in hot water for three to five minutes, place them into a container then place them in the refrigerator and leave them in there for almost twenty minutes. Take them out, squeeze out any leftover liquid, then merely lie down and place them over your eyes. Leave on for about fifteen to half an hour.

6. Lemon Juice

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Soak your cucumbers in it, combine it along with your tomato juice, or apply it alone to get rid of dark circles beneath your eyes. Soak a cotton ball with fresh milk, and then use it around your eyes. Leave it on for nearly ten minutes then rinse. You’ll be able to try this once every day for many weeks.

7. Rose Water

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Rose water rejuvenates the skin, soothes tired eyes and helps in reducing dark circles. Soak a cotton pad in rose water for nearly three minutes then place the soaked pad directly on your closed eyelids. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes. For the quickest results, follow this remedy two times daily for 2 to 3 weeks.

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